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martes, febrero 21, 2006

Profile of Company / Background / Description

Network News
Independent Audio-visual Production Company
Viamonte 2322
webmaster@networknews.com.ar VER DOCUMENTARY

Profile of de company. Description. Background.

“The audio-visual company is a recently term which represents an activity consisted on the presentation of a product based on visual and auditive supports. This definition includes radiotelephony, television and cinematographics.... companies.”
Moisés Ruiz Gonzalez.
Director of Informative Company
2001 Paraninfo Thompson Learning

Networks News was founded in 1995, the goal was to publish the Networks News Magazine. The first edition came out on 11th january 1995, the purpose was to publish an independent magazine made on A4 format, bringing in an alternative information of the media in Argentine and a vision of its situation in the rest of the world.
The magazine is a free publication and is given to students, production companies, and television channels with one particular purpose: to make the people be informed with an independent point of view and free of any political compromise.
Because of the disagreement with the media market, Network News is looking forward to reconsider the future in order to understand the diversification of the media.
Network News became known in 1998, and made specially focus on the production of documentary films, interviews and illustrative programms.
The first film that Network News produced was “The Armed Process”, which was presented in the cultural center called “Buenos Aires doesn´t sleep”, with more than 80 people assisting to the film staging.
In 1999 made “Malvinas, the history of two islands”, this film tells not only the version of the armed conflict but also the most sinister, perverse and dark side of the war: The relationship between the media and its manipulation of the information during the armed conflict.
In 2001 wan two prizes, one in Rosario, Santa Fé, and the other one in Cipoletti, Río Negro.
In 2002 Diego Alhadeff, the general director of Network News, was concerned about the relationship of his production company and the emerging market in Argentine and produced a new documentary film called “The shelter of the oblivion”, under the auspice of the Culture Secretary, Govermment of Buenos Aires. Although this documentary hasn´t been put on release yet, it has been shown in many cultural centers receiving plenty of cumpliments and good critics.

Summary“of The shelter of the oblivion”:

This third documentary showed fragments of journalistic programms and publicity supporting the war. Besides, there were images of the dictator Galtieri being acclaimed by the people while he was giving a maquiavelic and rhetorical speech, making the people believe that the Malvinas Islands could be recovered if the war went on. There were witnesses of the survivors of the Crucero General Belgrano, Margaret Tatcher point of view about the war, and also European journalistic programms. Furthermore, there were armed forces and diplomatic point of view, politicians, soldiers, journalism and public opinion. The journalism took part on the spreading and propaganda of the last coup. Nowadays they present themselves as defenders of democracy.
In 2004 “The shelter of the oblivion” was useful to students from the University of Córdoba, because this documentary provided them important and valuable information about the Malvinas war which helped them to finish their thesis for the Cinema and Television subjects.
Networks News is a company which introduces information based on audio-visual supports in order to spread informative and entertainment products. This involves entertainment production activities like film staging, production and spreading of news.
The cinematografic industry concept involves four aspects: cultural, economic, legal and showing. The cultural dimension includes the artistic and social aspects of the product. The economic concept is referred to the social welfare aspect and the management referrs to the product and its relationship with customers and market.
Network News takes part on the economic, artistic and technical aspects. And takes responsibility for the design, approach and film-making.
Network News owns the rights of the film staging. It also decides to allow the reproduction of the films, distribution of original films and copies.
The general director of Network News company is Diego Alhadeff, who uses human and technical aspects which are relative to the production process, and is responsable for the legal aspect of the assistances during the filming and also the post- filming.
He is also responsable for the searching and selection of the scipts referred to the making of the film.
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